You know what, im feeling generous, and i've got a bit of time over the next couple of days. If I get a Questionare thingy in the comments i don't know if i could help myself and answer it...

Music Review.

Aphex Twin:

I don't know what this guys deal is or even what kind of music. Maybe a harpsicord Techno... But anyway, If you want to know what a drug trip feels like, he does a good job. Not that i know what a serious drug trip feels like, i just listened to this guy's 1 album I have and felt like I should go out and have one, because I shouldn't feel this messed up without imbibing some alcohol.

Fair to Midland:

Some pretty good light rock, Likin Park -esque. Thier single is "Dance of the Manatee" and its probably going to be thier only one. (I'm pretty good at that)

Stephen Lynch:

A comidian that sings songs. COMPLETELY INNAPROPRIATE but hes a genius at lyrics. One of the more relaxed and songs thats not filled with profanities, Jim Henson's Dead, is on youtube. (After the Break) Most of the lines are funny in a thinking kind of way. In Beezl (High Pitched Fast ) "I've got little devil horns, and a little Goatee,little devil eyes to help a little devil see little cloven hoofs that make it kinda hard to ski I'm Satan, Woo Hoo! "


Anonymous said...

Liam and I were totally impressed with the movies.
DeAnna has a nerd quiz you could try on her blog, if you are totally bored.

DeAnna said...

Hey, quiz for you -- the Four one. Just put it up :)