Wuxi Finger Hold

So i just rented Kung Fu Panda, and still wondering about the Wuxi Finger Hold they reference. I was thinking that it was some sort of inner movie joke about the chinese version of the Pull My Finger Joke, but i didn't see anything else that would give me any evidence of that.

1. Then you Must know what happens when i "Flex My Pinky"
2. The hardest part is cleaning up the mess.
3. What's brown and rhymes with snoop?
4. There is a golden cloud emanating from the Po when he uses it.
5. They were making fatish jokes the whole movie
6. -> 3.a. Dr. Dre

But anyway, I laughed the other day at the open discussion forum for the election results. There was a chick who said something derogatory about Obama winning the Election, and cause quite and uproar. She said something along the lines about a hunting trip and causing an accident, there were a bunch of irritated people and she had to explain herself. I noted that she should be expecting a call from the Policia about that, and my roommate was quite confident that they can't do anything if the threat was made with joking intent. And I just Laughed and LAUGHED.

They can do anything they want. I guess he wasn't paying attention in 2001 and 2002.

Oh, watching the stuff leading up to the Election is almost as good as watching the resulting people fight it out. It was like the newest South Park episode, where the Obama people were out in the streets and partying, and the McCain people were hiding in fallout shelters. Obama people were too exited for something that was going to happen. McCain people got way to butthurt.


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