"Not Found"

Today, while working at Lewis, One of my coworkers was trying to find a potting plant, and he was mumbling the last 3 numbers in the UPC number, and how he couldn't find it. This wouldn't have been so bad but he was saying "404 not Found....404 not Found...." and i had this huge urge to say "Of Course NOT! Thats what 404 MEANS!" But that would have made me look like too much of a geek.

I'm still going back and forth on what laptop to pick up for school next semester. Mac has lots of Cool stuff, but I can get those all on Ubuntu and save 1k for the difference. but i might have to pick up a 17 inch laptop, because everyone says its too heavy, but the ones I'm looking at all weigh only 7 pounds and 9 with the battery charger and stuff. Everyone says thats too heavy to be portable. ITS TWO extra freaking pounds!!! I carry over 30 pounds of crap in my bag with books and tablet, so an Extra Two pounds is ridiculous to bitch at.

And apparently I've been discovered, so I'm going to actually go around and get a blog reading list for myself going.

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