I've recently looked around the internet and found several things out.

1: Avatar::The Last Airbender will be made into a trilogy of Live action movies directed by M Night Shamalan. I'm hoping he gets his creativity riened in on this project, because his last movies blew chunks.

2: Rum and Sprite = Good, I've just turned 21 the other day (May 21) so this has been taking a front seat in activities lately.

3. NEVER forget that your tops of the feet need sunscreen as well. On a side note, this is possibly one of the WORST places to get a sunburn, SO SUNSCREEN YOU FEET AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

4: 80's music was not good. It was the musical equivilent of Cocaine. Gets you high strung and wanting more.


beak said...

Maybe #3 would have been a little more obvious if #2 moved to the back seat ;)

kate said...

you've been tagged!!!