"You know I think theres more to you than meets the eye..."

Just got back from Transformers, pretty standard Micheal Bay movie. Blowemup Smashemup Robots. Pretty cool that they had a Soundwave in it. I had seen most of the other ones, Rachet, Bumblebee, and all that Jazz (Kek kek kek) And I'll ruin the ending, Autobots win. Classic summer movie ending. There were some choppy areas, where the angles and combinations of things might have been kinda cool, but just didn't work. And there are things at the end. And the Number of transformations rise just about exponetially near the end, and they even start doing some Matrix stuff going on.

If I were one to get paranoid, I saw something at Lewis the other day where I work, that MIGHT set me off on the whole Everyone has a twin or possibly a Truman Show crazy So far there are two products in our store that feature models that look AMAZINGLY similar to some of the people that work there, dead on, in fact. I give it about two or three weeks until something else appears that resembles another co-worker.

Oh well apparently there is a thing going around my families blog about 8 random facts.

Random Facts #1

I hate things that are passed on virally, like the emails, or the Random Questionnaires. "Pass This on to 50 people and your tru.." Ya, NO.

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DeAnna said...

Like many other useless human gestures, like contageous yawning, asking the time when clocks are nearby, and discussing the weather, it means, "Are you part of the tribe?"

Also, I haven't spent a whole lot of time with you since you were a very small kid. So I don't know these things!