"Daaaa da da da da da, da daa da daaaa, KATAMARI DAMACY!"

Well just got the Xbox up and running again, just around the only time I don't have time to play it. So Bob gets to play his brand new Tiger Woods '08 or '07. But I did get to run through the new Bioshock this last weekend. The ending was pretty week, and the ending of the game was way to easy, but the plot twist in the middle was AMAZING. It definatly would have made for a GREAT movie. And speaking of games, one that I'm looking forward too, Beautiful Katamari, comes out the October 15. Not really getting excited for Halo 3, probably just going to dissapoint just like the rest of the trilogies this year. Got an intro from We [Heart] Katamari, that will give you a basic feel for the game. Basically the song is addictive as hell (See title).

Thats all I got right now, other than that during my cooking expriments, I was making a some sage + onion (Green) potatoes and some chicken. I decided i didn't want just chicken, I wanted some chicken in some of the gravy like stuff. And I came pretty close, I just put what ever i had handy; Milk, Water, some Chicken Broth, and for the heck of it, some Apple cider Vinegar. and then i just fried it on to the chicken, cuz I felt like it. It resulted in some ok tasting sort of gravy, but when i had some with the potatoes, and i had used a little too much sage making them sort of bitter. But eating the Chicken AND the potatoes in one bite made them taste amazing. IDK what it was.

And by the way, the new IDK my BFF Jill comercial is BAD, like the black plauge. IDK my BFF Rose. ARG!

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DeAnna said...

Chicken gravy:

Roast the chicken in a pan. This is imporant: Throw Some Whole Cloves of Garlic in the Pan. If you're feeling posh, you can get a wire rack to put the chicken on, which means the bottom of the chicken won't get soggy.

When the chicken is done, pour the juices out of the roasting pan into a clean one (this will prevent some stickage, but you don't have to). Heat the juices until bubbling. Stir in whatever you want. (Beer, maybe? Now I have to try that...) Add a tablespoon of flour, stirring the crap out of it as you do so and smashing up lumps, as the juices are bubbling. Give it a few minutes before you add more flour.

You can get fancier about it, remove some of the fat, strain any lumps out, saute' onions or garlic in the pan before you add the juices...whatever.

The garlic you can just eat like it was potatoes, although you will probably reek for a day afterwards.

I recommend cider vinegar, good brown mustard, and a little cayenne powder for the gravy. You can smear brown mustard and cayenne all over the chicken before you roast it and call it "Chicken Diablo," too. And then cackle, in an evil way, not in a chiken way.

The potatoes sound good...but you can do garlic with them, too. 400F for chicken and taters in the oven, but watch the taters (and put some butter on them) or put them in late, they'll probably be done a early. Ooh, and if you can afford some real parmesan or other hard cheese, grate some on top of the potatoes before you throw them in. I am totally in love with peccorino and garlic and butter and salt on potatoes.