Weekend fun

Well, I got to go to my first Renaissance Fair this weekend. It was pretty fun, but a little to focused on selling me shit. EXPENSIVE stuff that I would only wear to other Renaissance festivals. But the atmosphere was pretty good, and they comedians were really funny, at least the Beggar's Mud Show, and Puke and Snot. And I managed to pick up another Didgeridoo, its still pvc like the first one I have, but this one was about 6 feet long and they twisted it like a tree branch. Its a pretty good imitation. I just need to find a way to paint it now. It looks VERY wood-like, with the way that they melted it, and I want to just put a design on the Top part. I don't know, pretty much a lot of my playing games time has been devoted to finding what to use and what would normally go on one.

PS. People who use computers to grade physics problems should be shot, as there is no way to see what the hell you are doing wrong. For every right answer, there are 1 billion wrong ones. From getting the UNITS in the wrong spacing, to moving a decimal, to dropping a variable down the line. And not telling the exact format before hand.... never before has there been a more dastardly move in all of science.

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