Catch up

Well lately I HAVEN'T been playing a lot of new games, I unsubscribed to WOW, COH, and any other form of online entertainment, and only really started replaying some of my older games. But not even that often.

But after being subjected to all of the gametap commercials, I finally broke down, and decided to check it out. Suprised the hell out of me. I thought they were going to stick with the 14 days for free model forever. But now they changed it to resemble the Xbox Live business model. Levels and Whatnot. Green level gets you access to a random circulation of free games from some of the old arcade games, and some of the old computer games, while gold offers access to everything. But when you get access to the free level, you get full access to the whole game. You just have to watch a little ad before you play. And because it was December, the Hitman games, Psychonauts, and Some Psychic Soldier game are available for free. Only downside is you can only play games that you have downloaded on an internet connection.

Games I still want to play that have come out, Mass Effect, Super Mario Galaxy, and Lego Star Wars Saga ftw. FTW = for the Wii in this case, I new they would release a Star wars game on the Wii, and it was only a matter of time until the controller got to be a lightsaber. Using the Speaker in the Wii-mote, the game also makes the Lightsaber Noise.

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