Remote Viewing

So I just finished reading the book, Wicked, and read the plotline to the Musical, I like the fact that all of the characters are more interconnected than in the book. Like how the scarecrow was Fyero, Biq was the Tin Man, and the Lion, she rescued in College. And that there was less in the play. It seemed that the book just went on random tangents that didn't really affect the plot in any way shape or form.

And oddly enough now there is a new "reimaganing" of the Old Wizard of OZ, called Tin Man, on Sci-Fi. Where the scarecrow is just a genius without his brain, the Tin Man a disgraced Cop, and the Lion a Psychic. Hopefully it will turn out good, because it has Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming.

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