Where have all of the action heroes Gone?

I had just finished watching Judge Dredd, when a thought occurred to me. When was the last time, I had seen an action movie that had not delved into the complicated world of thought. In Judge Dredd, the was Rico, the Ultimate Bad Guy, and Dredd the Perfect Good Guy. Explosions, Good guy wins, the humorous sidekick, Rob Snieder complains the entire way. It made me go Woo! inside after watching it.

Another Example, Die Hard. Die hard 1, he's fighting terrorist who are also greedy. Die Hard 2 same thing. Die Hard 3, he's doing it with Samuel L Jackson. Die Hard 4 he got some whiney little computer hacker that he has to protect the entire time. The Bad Guy was once a good guy, and he is really just doing this to protect the country from an attack that really means it and make some money. With the addition of all of the technology, computer hacking, and the removal of the signature line in order to keep the rating, the movie was terrible. Killed by modernization and new movie making techniques.

At least one Genre is still getting better. Horror movies are still remembering where they came from and where they should be going. Planet Terror was one of the Best Zombie/Plauge/Psycho Killer/Shocker movie I've ever seen. Deathproof put Kurt Russell back where he should be, as the rough, tough Bad- Ass. (cept for that part at the end, that was a mistake, a true tribute to the stalker movie should have been the new chicks getting killed in, and the killer starting on the next victims)

I really really really hope that the new Indiana Jones movie has as little as possible of Shilo Lebueaf or whatever his name is. The movie should be Indy shooting Nazi's, Wooing Women, and Grabbing the treasures. I swear to God if they start to get deep on me I will walk out. Fight Nazi's, Women, Treasure. simple.

Movies made from past pop culture. Spiderman, hulk, transformers. You're starting to leave me empty inside after I watch one of these movies. I would REALLY like to see one of these that has NOT been dummed down for general public viewing. You just end up with a movie that been remade like the new action movies. Speed Racer goes fast, and fights baddies. Preferably at the same time. He WILL not debate the ethical consequences of driving under the race company, unless they are clearly names TEAM EVIL. (way to go Shaolin Soccer)

Too many movies try and make me think when they should just be silent. Unless I want to come out of the movie thinking, like V for Vendetta, I don't want that. No one does. Piracy isn't causing drops in movie, neither are home entertainment systems, HD in the home. It is the quality of the cinema. (WTF was No Country!? Best Picture!?!)

I heard a statement the other day. I originally thought It was rediculous, but the more and more I look into it, the more and more it seems to be more true. The more intelligent you are, the less happy you are. A comedian made an amazing comment along these lines. I can't remember his name at the moment but here is what I remember from it. "I thing 'Tards, are the evolution of man, not a disease. Sure they're stupid as hell, but look at how happy they are. They get a new lunchbox and thats the highest point of thier day, until five minutes later when something Better happens! Continuously reaching new high points in the day, man it must be great. I would kill for 5 minutes a day of 'Tard happy. "

*Edit* I just remembered another quote from the episode of South Park, "Cartoon Wars", A random trucker give Kyle a ride to try and stop Cartman from canceling a Family Guy episode. "I mean, I know it's just joke after joke, but I like that. At least it dosen't get all preachy and up its own ass with messages, you know? "


DeAnna said...

Dude, you're either pro-Coen or you're not. Watch Barton Fink or The Man who Wasn't There sometime, and give me a WTF.

Horror? Eh. Horror hasn't gotten better, it's just recovered from the eighties. And letting Kurt Russell move on to kill again would have been boring, buddy. Predictable. And when else will there be such a conjunction of girl power in the media to make the ending funny? Probably never. Don't worry. Kurt Russell will kill again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Andy, that sounds like the makings of a country song!

beak said...

I know the ending might have been predictable, but you can't make a "tribute" to grindhouse movies. If your tributing something that was predictable, and unoriginal, its not really going to work.

DeAnna said...

Er...no. Watch Battlestar Galactica much? Or the new Dr. Who? Or Kung Fu Hustle? Read much Clamp manga? How about Shaun of the Dead?

Genres develop through the use of tributes that one-up or vary their predecessors, not by making the same damn thing over again. See Horror = 80's.