Crystal Skulls

Saw the New Indiana Jones, movie, and they almost had it. Without giving too much away, It felt like there was too much of an ending. It was all really good up until the chamber at the end. After that it became less like the old Indy, and more deep. They leave, killing the bad lady for some reason, taking off, and leaving nothing behind. I felt that there should have been something physical for Indy to take back, as unlike the other movies, nothing was accomplished. there were moments of very cool action and memorable parts, although nothing spectacular. The Motorcycle chase was good at parts, particularly the beginning, where he gets pushed back into a group of bikers... GET THAT GREASER! was pretty cool. And in the library, when Indy recommended a different book to read. The most memorable was probably the refrigerator, and when it closes, the door reads "Lead Lined." I wasn't expecting it but the Waterfalls was pretty well done. They could have coped out and did a panic bit like in the Last Crusade and the tank, but they all had the characters be like, Ya whatever. And the car chrash that they show in the previews. in the lead up to that a character betrays Indy, (Hint, its the only guy you don't recognize) and he is shouting, "Stay back, you don't know jones like I do. You don't know Jones! YOU DON'T KNOW JONES!" *crash* Overall they movie had a feel like Destroy all Humans!! with the communists angle of things, not a bad thing. But the killer was the ending, it felt like even though technically they left it open for a sequel, they were wrapping up 4 movies.

tl;dr Ending needed something. Less Wrap-up, and more cheesy JOOOOONES! moments.


DeAnna said...

You know, I actually agree with you on this one. Looking back on it, they could have fixed it fairly easily -- they could have said something during the whole ant episode about the dangers of a hive mind. And then they could have NOT burned bad lady up, just melded her into the other group. Maybe dangle a chance for Indy to get mind melded, he turns it down for Marian, TTFN, we're all good.

Just thought of something. Of course the modern-day Robin Hood has a GF named Marian.

beak said...

Ya that would have been way better. And it would have fitted in into the anti-communistic fit. Just like the other movies were showing down Nazi Practices (Book Burning, and then using a book to beat the traps.) It might have tied the movie together more.