Geek Christmas

I guess this is a fun happy time Christmas geek wish list.
1. Netflix
With NXE, watch movies anytime through your xbox on your tv. AWESOME. 9 bucks a month.
2. Ipod Touch/Iphone
These things are ridiculously powerful. Last year I was wowing about the Kindle. This can do all that that can (download books, newspapers, etc) and play Youtube, surf the internet, have lightsaber battles, play games (and not just regular games, like quake 3 levels of games) so much free things. (apps) There was a webcomic talking about the how you can call anyone, meet anyone and find the directions to anywhere in the world. You can look at anywhere in the world, anywhere in the world. And how you would have crashed you flying car anyway. The Iphone is the first landmard that the future is here.
3. Steam Games
Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead. Valve keeps coming up with these awesome games, but I can't bring myself to get them because of the Mac. Now that I have the desktop in optimal gaming position, i have been using it more. These games look amazing.
4. A Hacked Original Xbox HDD.
So I can place emulators and a media server on my old xbox. This is way to complicated to do myself. It involves unhooking your xbox HDD while the power is on, and when you hit that point its time to stop.
5. Rechargable Batteries Packs for 360 and Wii. The Wii batteries just keep dying, and the i still need 1 for the 360.
6. TV series.
One can never have enough TV series. If You own it, and think i should own it, theres a good chance i need to watch it. Unless your Cody. Then reverse that. Same thing for books.
7. Something that would help write more in this blog. Something not numerical post wise, just more verbose posts.

Things I gotmyself for Xmas.
Ipod touch !st Gen (With Macbook- Free)
Lego Star Wars Complete (10)
Warhammer Online.
$20 Xbox Card for Rockband songs

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DeAnna said...

Too late! HAHAHAHA.

Wait...I forget. What DID I get you?