I suppose I should say something about the new laptop, a Macbook from 1 gen back. The lowest level solid white. I have several opinions about it after using it.

Very shiny, Cool easy to use

All of the new cool stuff was ported directly from linux. Spaces and Time Capusle, just right from Ubuntu.

Mac Hardware
Smaller than I am used to, really light, and quality stuff. Everything is really well made. THE TOUCHPAD IS HUGE. No really, its the size of the Ipod.

But everything was made difficult for the user. Instead of having a regular HDMI port or DVI port on the side, neither are larger than the mini-DVI. But you have to puchase a mini-DVI to DVI or HDMI cable AND then you have to buy the Cable. NEITHER of which will work unless they are specifically made by apple, they won't work. If I purchase a new video card for my PC, it come with 2 DVI ports, 1 DVI->VGA adapter, 1 DVI -> HDMI adapter, A DVI cord. Also mini-DVI IS ONLY USED IN APPLE PRODUCTS. They didn't have to create a new format for this.

Also my touchpad can support multitouch gestures, but becasue i have a Macbook and not a Macbook pro, i can't use them.

I might just end up putting Vista or Ubuntu on this guy.

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