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So there I was right, reading Wil Wheaton's blog, and he says that the episode of Criminal Minds he was in, is going to be rerun again on tv. So being impatient and able to summon Episodes of Tv Programs from the depts of the internet, I decided to check out the episode.

And Wil Wheaton was really great in the episode, being EXTREMELY good at the serial killer that would spring from the mind of a Geek (or at least thats how I looked at that). But the whole episode was so bad, it was tough to make it to the end of the episode where he appears. I haven't watched ANY Criminal Minds, but this episode had a lot of good points where important character development SHOULD have happened, they were written in, but only got paid lip service. There was one point where the mentor character was talking to one of the younger team members, about how Wilw dressed up as one of the "good guys" and he fell for it. Could have been a revealing moment for Both characters, but the Actors, Directors, Producers, and everyone else decided, "you know what, lets just keep going and leave this as is." Then they did it again, with a part that was supposed to be humourous and dark about how because they are in this job, they can't do things anymore like roadside motels. But its done so fast and without emotion, its hardly noticeable.

The writers were definately reading into these techniques that make the shows great, and decided to throw some of the stuff in there.

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