Got to play Spirit of the Century with some friends over spring break. Got to GM it, so I didn't get to play much, but I got to throw a character together to make the backgrounds work while we waited on another player.

It was
The Narwhal - A canadian Batman type hero person, who had changed his name to John Jackson, or Jack Johnson or something like that. Best Bit: Aspect - Suspiciously Canadian. Didn't even need to compel it much. Sometimes an "...eh?" or some bits about Hockey would come up, and he would just clam up and hand over mouth. Alliteration Abounds in Abstract Alternate History.

Shannon Cannon - almost swarth swashbuckler with alien tech from space. A ray gun adventurer.

Can't Remember name now. hmmm. How about Pulp Fiction.

She was a literary bookworm from an educated family who studied and learned about the occult, science, and religion from books. Lots of knowlege, but nonpractical applications.

It was a pretty standard murder mystery, but looking back at it, I probably should have thrown more minions at them.

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